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Department of Education
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Fields of interest

My focus of research is in the fields of sociology of education and women's studies in education. I have conducted analysis of gender equality in educational policies, curriculum and school textbooks, ethnographic studies in secondary schools, and longitudinal life history research on young people's transitions into adulthood. I am interested in the construction of gender, nationality, difference and processes of inclusion and exclusion in education.

Research projects

  • Citizenship, Agency and Difference in Upper Secondary Education with Special Emphasis on Vocational Schools 2007- (funded by the Academy of Finland 2010-2013)
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  • Gender Awareness in Teacher Education (funded by the Ministry of Education 2008-2010) More information
  • Learning to be Citizens: Ethnographic and Life Historical Perspectives in Education, 2005-2008, responsible leader ( funded by the Academy of Finland) More information
  • Inclusion and Exclusion in Educational Processes - Studies on teachers, schools and youth transitions 2001-2004, responsible leader (funded by the Academy of Finland and University of Helsinki)
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  • Teacher-Citizen - Educating Citizens 1998-2001, responsible leader (funded by the Academy of Finland) More information
  • Citizenship, Difference and Marginality in Schools - with special reference to gender 1994-1998, partner, director Tuula Gordon (funded by the Academy of Finland)
  • Tracing Transitions Follow-up Study of Post-16-students, with Tuula Gordon 1998-

Other activities

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