100 years of Mach's principle

ed. by Eva Isaksson
Hki : University of Helsinki, 1984
<2>, 43 lehteä : kuv. ; 30 cm
(Report / Observatory and Astrophysics Laboratory. University of Helsinki; 1984, 5)
ISBN: 951-45-3493-X (nid.)


Donner K. J.: Mach's Principle as a cosmological initial condition
Isaksson E.: The relativity of inertia: The historical and physical background of Mach's Principle
Jaakkola T.: Mach's Principle and properties of local structure
Niiniluoto I.: Ernst Mach as a philosopher of science
Valtonen M. J. & Basu D.: Local blue-shift effects in a Machian cosmology
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