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The Plant Photobiology Notes is a collection of notes and "bookmarks" with information on the effects of visible and ultraviolet radiation on plants, and on methods and equipment used for studying these effects. Some additional links to WWW pages with useful information for those working on plant eco-physiology and photobiology can be also found in my home page.

These pages include both pages prepared by me and links to pages available elsewhere in the Internet. If you know of any useful pages within this subject area, please e-mail me their URLs. I will check them and if I like them I will add links to them to these pages.

I update these pages from time to time, adding new information and fixing all the broken links I find (an almost impossible task). All important changes are logged in the noticeboard. I started this pages in 1995, and they have changed a lot since them.

If you want to ask questions, suggest changes to the pages, or suggest additions or deletions from the list of suggested reading, please send an e-mail message to me.

If you find any errors, things that you like or dislike, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail message to me. Thanks in advance for your help, and I hope you find these pages useful.

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