Tutkielmaseminaari /Advanced seminar 2016-2017

The starter kit! (The material for the first meeting.)

We are using wiki technology in the seminar. I have given you user permissions to perform the stuff at wiki page. Follow the instructions at the wiki and familiarize in advance.
Before your first seminar, I expect you to contact me by email where you tell 
I will then try to iterate the topic with you. Please, do not expect me to give you a specific topic. The more in advance you contact me, the higher are your chanches to get a nice reply.

Enter to seminar's wiki pages!  (if problems in opening, try to open into a new sheet)

Seminar dates in the forthcoming Spring term are the following:
Faculty instructions how to submit the thesis.

Who should participate? (Next seminar will start January 17, 2017)

I supervise Master's theses of the field of quantitative macroeconomics. This means that monetary economics, business cycles, fiscal policy, macro finance and applied time series econometrics are among the possible fields. If you choose a theme outside my scope, do not expect to get thorough support.

Quantitative implicates that you are familiar with (time series) econometrics, you are interested in developing and applying your mathematical skills, you are not afraid of computers and programming. Note, that the econometrics and time series analysis teaching at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is world class. Their methods and tools are in active use in macroeconomics too.

If you are interested in my seminar, please write me an email where you describe

Trainee at the Statistics Finland (Tilastokeskus)

Statistics Finland (Tilastokeskus) offers thesis' themes and possibility to work there half a year (in 2016) on that theme. The idea is that the thesis' theme is related to their field of interest or practical problem. Trainee would, typically, setup her research data and perform the analysis at the StatFin. As a by-product, StatFin gets some analytical results, or new database from the project. The quota for trainees in 2017 is two trainees (no vacant positions!).

The possible themes to be completed at the Statistics Finland are the following:

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