Dr. Arto Annila

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I see science as a way of making sense of reality. There are rules to be discovered and explained, for the world is not random but regular. Irrespective of scale and scope, data display power laws that cummulate sigmoidally from skewed distributions, logarithmic spirals, and bifuractions, as well as from oscillations and, even chaos. Mathematical models and computer simulations can be tailored to reproduce these ubiquitous patterns. Yet, science is not about modeling things and mimicking trends but explaining causes and effects.

The Grand Regularity of data implies a universal principle. Formulating the general theory underlying the ubiquitous patterns is my most important merit. It is an old idea that everything comprises the same basic building blocks. It is a new idea that the ancient atomos is the quantum [of action], the photon. The non-equilibrium statistical physics for open quantized systems describes systems in evolution toward balance in their evolving surroundings. The theory, also known as the 2nd law of thermodynamics and the principle of least action in its original form, explains non-determinate and emergent courses of history as well as identifies the arrow of time with the flow of quanta.

The statistical theory of open quantized systems is a very powerful precept to make sense of a wide range of phenomena, as apparent from the spectrum of my papers invariably following from the profound premise. I have used the statistical theory in tackling fundamental questions from elementary particles to cosmic expansion, from origin of life to the downfall of societies, and from chemical reactions to cognition. Moreover, I understand information as physical and computation as a least-time process. Most importantly, results agree with data quantitatively. I am sure this comprehension of reality inspires many research collaborations as well as provides insight into teaching. It stresses our responsibility in transforming our way of life toward sustainable existence. I am also most motivated to use my expertise and experience in outreach.


Yours sincerely,
Arto Annila, Professor
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“The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have always known.” — Ludwig Wittgenstein