Pekka Sulkunen

D. Soc.Sc. in sociology

Department of Sociology

P.O. Box 54 (Unioninkatu 35)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
Telephone: +358 9 191 23975

Office hour: Thu 14-15, room 307

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Responsibilities at the department

Researchand teaching at undergraduate and doctoral levels. I manage and supervise research projects and supervise students in their dissertation work.


  • Regulating life.styles in the welfare state. This annual course has a different content each year since autumn 2000. It is inteded for doctoral students as well and minors and majors in sociology. Part of the lectures and most of the reading is in English. (See the department's teaching programme)
  • A seminar for students working on their masters' dissertations: "The Gradu Sauna". Participants are selected through the application procedure for the pro gradu seminar. See teaching programme.
  • The Group for Sociological Intervention for doctoral students. Foreign doctoral students (both visiting and degree students) are welcome. Applicants should contact me personally.


My list of publications includes almost 200 articles and books. About 120 of them are indepdendent scientific contributions.

Selected books

  • Edited with Christoffer Tigerstedt, Caroline Sutton and Katariina Warpenius: Broken Spirits. Power and Ideas in Nordic Alcohol Control, 2000
  • "Johdatus sosiologiaan - käsitteitä ja näkökulmia" (Introduction to sociology - concepts and perspectives") (1998, 9 editions), "Sosiolgian avaimet" (Keys to Sociology) (1994, 7 editions).
  • Edited with Jukka Törrönen:"Semioottisen sosiologian näkökulmia - sosiaalisen todellisuuden rakentuminen ja ymmärrettävyys" (Towards semiotic sociology - the construction and ynderstandability of social reality), Gaudeamus, 1997 
  • Edited with Holmwood, John & Radner, Hilary & Schulze, Gerhard:Constructing the New Consumer Society. Macmillan, London 1997,
  • The European New Middle Class, Avebury 1992.
  • With Pertti Alasuutari, Ritva Nätkin and Merja Kinnunen: The Urban Pub, 1997(1985) 
  • A la Recherche de la Modernité Consommation et consommateurs d'alcool en France, 1987.

Recent articles

  • Between culture and nature: intoxication in cultural studies of alcohol and drug use. Contemporary Drug Problems 29, Summer 2002, pp. 253-276.
  • Sosiologian käänteet. Sosiologia 1/2001, ss. 27-30.
  • Evaluaatio ja interventio. FinSoc News 1/2001 ss. 1-4.
  • Vad får staten göra? Nordisk alcohol- & narkotikatidskrift 19: 42-44, 2002.
  • Yhteiskunnan luontosuhteen kriisiytyminen modernissa yhteiskuntateoriassa. Tieteessä tapahtuu 20, pp. 20-24, 7/2002.
  • From Pastoral Welfare State to Consumer Emancipation: the Case of Nordic Alcohol Control. In: Henderson, Saras & Petersen, Alan (eds): Consuming Health. The Commodification of Health Care. London and New York: Routledge 2001.
  • Anttila, Anu-Hanna and Sulkunen, Pekka: The inflammable alcohol issue: alcohol policy argumentation in the programs of political parties in Finland, Norway and Sweden from the 1960s to the 1990s. Contemporary Drug Problems 28, Spring 2001, pp. 49-86. 
  • Sulkunen, Pekka and Warpenius, Katariina: Reforming the self and the other: the temperance movement and the duality of modern subjectivity. Critical Public Health, Vol. 10, No. 4, 2000, pp- 423-438.

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