Jari Multisilta


I am the director of Cicero Learning Network in University of Helsinki, Finland and professor of multimedia in Tampere University of Technology, Information Technology at Pori, Finland. At Tampere University of Technology, I was the director of Advanced Multimedia Center (AMC). I got my M.Sc. from the University of Tampere in 1992 in Mathematics and Dr.Tech. at Tampere University of Technology in 1996. The title of my doctoral thesis was "Hypermedia Learning Environment for Mathematics". I have studied learning and modern communication and information technologies and have been a consortium leader and partner in several research projects on this area. Currently, my research interests include networked and mobile learning, and mobile social media. I have published over 100 international conference papers and journal articles on my research area. I was a Visiting Fellow at Nokia Research Center on 2008-2009. I have also been a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, H-STAR Institute for 2007 (may-july), 2008 (may-july) and 2010 (june - december). Download my full CV or check the TUHAT database.

Recent Keynote Talks

“Models for organizing cross-disciplinary learning research”. The 2nd International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics: ICETI 2011. March 27th-30th, Orlando, Florida.

Recent Journal Publications

Multisilta, J. (2009). Activity Theory Approach to Designing Learning Activities in Social Media. International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology. Vol. 5, No.3 pp. 327–342

Kiili, K., Multisilta, J., Suominen, M., & Ketamo, H. (2010). Learning experiences of mobile social media. Int. J. Mobile Learning and Organisation, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp.346–359

Tuomi, P., & Multisilta, J. (2010). MoViE: Experiences and attitudes—Learning with a mobile social video application. Digital Culture & Education, 2:2, 165-189. Available from here.

Multisilta, J., Suominen, M., & Östman, S. (2011). A Platform for Mobile Social Media and Video Sharing. Accepted for publication to International Journal of Arts and Technology.

Multisilta, J. (2011). Designing Mobile Social Media Learning Ecosystems. Accepted to Olofsson, A. D., & Lindberg, J. O. (to appear 2011) Informed Design of Educational Technologies in Higher Education: Enhanced Learning and Teaching. IGI Global.

Recent Conference Publications

Multisilta Jari (2009) Centre of Excellence in University Research as an Innovative Organisation. Proceedings of eChallenges e-2009 Conference. Istanbul, Turkey, 21-23.9.

Kiili K., Multisilta J., Suominen M., Ketamo H. (2009) Learning Experiences on Mobile Social Media. Kong, S.C., et al. (Eds.), ICCE2009; ©2009 Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education, pp.535-542.

Multisilta, J., Perttula, A., Suominen, M., Koivisto, A. (2010). MoViE - Mobile Social Video Sharing Tool for Learning Application. The 6th IEEE Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies in Education, WMute 2010, April 12-16, 2010, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Multisilta, J., Perttula, A., Suominen, M., & Koivisto, A. (2010). Mobile Video Sharing: Documentation Tools for Working Communities. In Proceedings of the 8th International Interactive Conference on Interactive Tv&Video (pp. 31-38). New York, NY, USA: ACM.

Perttula A., Tuomi P., Suominen M., Koivisto A., Multisilta J. (2010) Users as Sensors: Creating Shared Experiences in Co-creational Spaces by Collective Heart Rate. MindTrek 2010, Tampere, Finland.

Multisilta, J. (2011) On Actor-Network Theory And Learning Ecosystems Based On Mobile Social Media. IADIS Mobile Learning 2011 International Conference, 10-12, March, Avila, Spain.

Multisilta, J., Perttula A. (2011) Learning Scenarios with Wireless and Networked Sensors. The 2nd International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics ICETI 2011. Orlando, FL, USA, 27–30, March.

Publications in Finnish

Multisilta Jari, Mäenpää, Marjo, Suominen Jaakko (eds) (2010) Yhdessä ja liikkeellä. Mobiili sosiaalinen media. Turin yliopisto, Kulttuurituotannon ja maisemantutkimuksen koulutusohjelma, julkaisu n:o 21. Aalto-yliopisto, Taideteollisen korkeakoulun julkaisusarja C 10, Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto. Porin yksikkö. Julkaisu 14, Tampere University of Technology. Pori. Publication 14. https://oa.doria.fi/handle/10024/62911


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