Roleplaying games

I have been roleplaying most of my life. I started playing them when a game called Dungeons & Dragons was translated into finnish (1987). So my first game is the classic D&D.

In last years I didn't have much time to play because of work. The gaming has still persisted, even while everyone in our group is nowadays quite busy with other things. Mainly this is thanks to the nature of our group, where everybody agrees that main thing is to have fun. And as a side-note, I have never really understood the magic of Live Action Role-Playing (LARP).

I also play Magic the Gathering - card game, Warhammer - miniature wargames, various board games, and to some degree Playstation. Nowadays I'm not so enthuastic about them as before, but I play them from time to time.


I listen a lot of music. I don't have any musical talent, but I enjoy listening music very much. My taste is music is very broad, from traditional Central Asian Duduk music all the way to Springsteen, New Age (Dead Can Dance), and German heavy metal.. I do not see the point of listing all bands here, as it won't give a fair picture.


Nowadays I have to read so much scientific literature that I sometimes get fed up with reading. Reading has become a thing that is not always relaxing, and therefore the amount I read for pleasure has dwindled. Which is a pity, as I really like reading, but nowadays I just don't have the energy to concentrate after work. During last year or so I have read mostly short novels, larger novels I have energy to read just occasionally.

Here are some writers I like.


Norman Davies
Peter Heather
Tom Holland
Mary Beard
John Julius Norwich
Lars Brownworth
Andrea Wulf

... and anything history related to do with European, Central Asian, Mediterranean history, antiquities, ethnography or anthropology..

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

J.R.R. Tolkien
Katharine Kerr
George R.R. Martin
Robert Jordan
Ursula le Guin
Michael Moorcock
Steven Erikson
Walter Jon Williams
Paolo Bacigalupi
Richard Morgan
William Gibson


Alexander von Humboldt
Charles Darwin
Alfred Russel Wallace
John Muir
Fritjof Capra
Bill McKibben
Jared Diamond
Stephen Jay Gould
Ernst Mayer
Edward O. Wilson
Niles Eldridge
Aldo Leopold
James Lovelock
Brian Fagan
Andrea Wulf
Naomi Klein
Francis Fukuyama
Timothy Morton
Anthony Barnosky

Travel books

Colin Thubrow
Peter Hopkirk
Robert Kaplan

... and anything to do with Mediterranean, Central Asian or European travel writing

...and last but not least...

Hanging out and having a good time

And in the finnish style, nature and alcohol are usually included...