My family has been quite mobile family, moving from place to place, mainly because of the irregular working history of my father, who was a geologist and quaternary paleoecologist, now an emeritus professor of University of Helsinki. There was always work available, but in different parts of Finland (world). That stopped only after we (me & my brother) started school at the age of seven.

So, I have been living in many different places:

1978 Nilsiä
1979 Helsinki
1982-1983 Seattle, USA
1983 Oulu
1984 Joensuu
1987 Nilsiä
1996-1997 Boulder, USA
1997 Helsinki (studies began)
2001-2002 Lyon, France
2002-2006 Helsinki
2006-2007 Frankfurt a/M, Germany
2007-2011 Helsinki
2011-2012 Frankfurt a/M, Germany
2012-2014 Helsinki
2014-2015 Frankfurt a/M, Germany
2016- Helsinki



What do I do?

At the moment I'm a Researcher at BIOS research unit, and at the University of Helsinki (Dept. Geosciences and Geography). I have lots of international collaboration, including museums and universities in Germany, UK, USA, China, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and Austria, among others. I therefore try to arrange scientific visits to other institutes always when it is possible. See also Research to get an idea what are my research interests.