A short story of who I am

My full name is Jussi Tuomas Eronen. I am a citizen of Finland.

Jussi is a very common finnish name, and while Eronen is not common name, there are at least half a dozen persons with the same name that I'm aware. So there is quite high possibility of mixing the persons.

At least I can rule out the following: I'm not working at the Helsinki University of Technology, I'm not a news-correspondent and I'm not a computer scientist from Oulu...

I was born on an especially cold year (1978) in Kuopio, but my parents were living in a small town located close to Kuopio in eastern Finland. Nowadays I'm living in Helsinki, Eastern Finland, or abroad - depending on the situation..

How to recognize?

Height: average
Weight: slightly stocky, although not overweight
Hair: Long, light brown.
Eyes: Green-Brown
Clothes: natural earthly colors with some bright colors combined. Leather jackets, jeans, t-shirts etc..
Other: Eyeglasses



I talk a lot and loud. Sometimes I blurt out things without thinking much, so understanding is the listener's responsibility... Not always, of course.

I'm very social, I like people and enjoy company very much, if I'm not tired or consumed by work.

Sometimes I'm grumpy, sometimes I'm kind and nice. Depends on the day...

I try to be natural and I'm quite lousy pretender.