Cycling, Swimming, Pilates, Stretching

These are my ways to keep fit. I cycle mainly during summer-time, and swim in a pool during winter. I also need to regular stretching in order to keep myself functional. In addition I do pilates-style exercises to keep fit as an alternative to weight-lifting. I'm not really into the mental-style Pilates. Therefore I use mainly MP-Power Pilates -exercises (by Jarmo Ahonen), which actually describes the physiotherapy background behind the exercises...

I have been cycling actively something like 15-20 years. I usually make medium-long trips, ranging from 10 to 30 kilometers a day. Nothing fancy, I just need to get my dose of fresh air and exercise. If I can't cycle, I'll walk or do some other outdoor sports during summertime.

Swords, archery and all that

I have had archery and medieval swordmanship as hobbies, but haven't been engaged in those for couple of years now. I used to go to The School of European Swordsmanship in Helsinki, but I dropped out because of my schedule. I used to practice archery, but once working life caught up with me, I've practised it less and less, and it has been couple of years since my last time. I still keep my bow and arrows, as well as my sword..