A short introduction

Welcome to my web-pages. Surprisingly you have found your way here. These pages introduce the world as I see it, and you are welcome to take a look! Let's start by introductions...

First and foremost, I'm a scientist. Of course I'm a lot of other things, and you can find out more about me using the navigation bars at the top, but that is probably what defines me most. That doesn't mean that I'm a mad scientist, or that I've committed my whole life for science. No, it just means that I am interested about the world as a whole and want to know how it works. I'm not really one of those people who want to limit science to a certain aspect, or view, or field, for me it is an innate interest to learn more and gain more understanding. I like Alexander von Humboldt's view and way of conducting science. He was arguably the last great polymath, a man who investigated nature not just with scientific methods but also by looking at art, history, literature and economics. That is not to say that I would be any kind of polymath, or could grasp any of the above, but that science should not be narrow-sighted or limited to certain viewpoint. It's you yourself (and somewhat the funding agencies) that defines what it is about.

So, what kind of scientist isn't that important, but if we go down that road, I've been trained as a palaeobiologist and palaeoclimatologist, but nowadays I am working on climate and biological systems spanning from the present to the future and all the way to the deep past. I am drawn towards complex system theories and networks, and I'm also interested more and more about socio-ecological systems that humans form together with the surrounding world.

Currently these webpages are undergoing renovation and hopefully soon I can provide more information about myself and my current research positions and status. Meanwhile, hope you can find the information you are looking for.