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Report: Volunteering Infrastructure: European Examples, 2010

Report: Volunteer Centre Quality Accreditation, 2010

The Encyclopedia of Political Science,
2010 (EPS). Entries on: Civic Engagement, Mutualism, Third Sector

Paper on Volunteer Centres in Finland, 2008

Article on Engagement policies in European Governance, 2008

Article: Volunteering in Finland (in German), 2008

Article on Engagement policy, 2007, in: Klaus Dieter Wolf (ed), Staat und Gesellschaft - fähig zur Reform? (in German)

Course: Institutions and Engagement in Civil Society

Reviews: The Languages of Civil Society, 2006 ; Oxford Handbook of Political Institutions, 2006; Tools of Government, 2007.


In Search for Criteria: The State of Qualitative Media Research




Peter Hilger

is a Social Scientist who graduated from the University of Hannover with a study on the oppositional movements in Eastern Germany. He has conducted research in the fields of



· Civic engagement, media NGOs and citizen activity,

· International research cooperation and EU enlargement,

· Local social structure analyses,

· Methods of interviewing.

Presently he is preparing his doctoral thesis at the Department of Political and Economic Studies at the University of Helsinki. His doctoral research focuses on ‘Activation policies towards civic activity’. He teaches political science at the University of Helsinki and occasionally works as a consultant and researcher for NGOs. He is reviewer for the Nonporofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

From 1996 – 2002 Peter was researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Social Research (agis), where he conducted several projects on local media organisations as well as environmental volunteering and integration on the basis of the social milieu-approach. At the same time he was invited lecturer for Sociology at the Department for Sociology of the University of Hannover (voluntary organisations, local media and public sphere, and empirical research methods).

From 2000 – 2002 he was also scientific co-worker at the EU Liaison Office Hannover, where he conducted a study on European research cooperation. He has also worked as a teacher in adult education in a trade union based academy and conducted an expert report on vocational training in foreign enterprises for the AWO and the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lower Saxony. Peter Hilger is member of the Civil Society Studies Group (CSSG)

Peter is active on boards of a school's parents' council and a research institute.

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