Kumaripaba Athukorala

I am a PhD student in Ubiquitous Interaction Group (UIx group) at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. As a Human-Computer Interaction researcher, my main focus is on developing interaction models to predict user interests and information-needs in exploratory search. In other words, I am investigating the relationship between observable user behaviors such as result viewing, and selecting actions and actual information-needs to see whether we can build predictive models of the user interest from such implicit interactions.

My previous research involved developing tools to support proper use of Creative Common licensed content. I have also conducted research on cloud computing and pervasive computing for my master's thesis.

Recent Work

Mobile Battery Awareness Application User Behaviors

Mobile devices have limited battery life, and numerous battery management applications are available that aim to improve it. This research examines a large-scale mobile battery awareness application, called Carat, to see how it changes user behavior with long-term use.

SciNet: Directing Exploratory Search

We designed a system called SciNet to support exploratory information-seeking. SciNet combines reinforcement learning with an interactive visualization to guide users through unfamiliar information spaces. Read more..

Exploratory Study on Information-Seeking

In order to develop interaction models, it is important to understand how users currently use search tools. To this end, we conducted an exploratory study of scientific information-seeking behavior of academics. We found that exploratory search is one of the most difficult search tasks for them. Read more..


Conference Papers


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Journal Articles


Athukorala K. , Glowacka D. , Oulasvirta A. , Vreeken J., and Jacucci G. , “Is Exploratory Search Different? A Comparison of Information Search Behavior for Exploratory and Lookup Tasks. Journal of the Association of Information Science and Technology 2015


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Department of Computer Science

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